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A Snatch Block is a heavy-duty pulley inside a metal casing. It is primarily designed for handling heavy goods, working as a pulley point that can redirect the course of a winch line.

Snatch blocks are also used to increase the lifting or pulling capacity of wire hoists and winches. It's common for this method to produce a 100% increase in pulling or lifting capacity - beware of the extra force this has on fixing / anchor points.

Snatch blocks allow you to change the direction of a winchÕs cable by off-setting the anchor point, allowing you to pull in a three-point motion. Sturdy and durable, snatch blocks are ideal for transferring loads over short distances and are commonly used in recovery situations.

When used in conjunction with a winch, a snatch block can increase the winchÕs power considerably, allowing for a smoother, easier winching process.

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