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AK97101 Locking Divider 150mm

AK97101 Locking Divider 150mmSh.2,383.00   Sh.1,906.00

AK97102 Locking Divider 200mm

AK97102 Locking Divider 200mmSh.2,605.00   Sh.2,084.00

AK97103 Locking Divider 300mm

AK97103 Locking Divider 300mmSh.3,007.00   Sh.2,406.00

AK97104 Locking Wing Divider 150mm

AK97104 Locking Wing Divider 150mmSh.2,202.00   Sh.1,762.00

AK97105 Locking Wing Divider 200mm

AK97105 Locking Wing Divider 200mmSh.2,806.00   Sh.2,245.00

AK97106 Locking Wing Divider 300mm

AK97106 Locking Wing Divider 300mmSh.3,208.00   Sh.2,566.00

AK97107 Locking Wing Divider with Compass 150mm

AK97107 Locking Wing Divider with Compass 150mmSh.2,605.00   Sh.2,084.00

AK97108 Locking Wing Divider with Compass 200mm

AK97108 Locking Wing Divider with Compass 200mmSh.2,806.00   Sh.2,245.00

AK97109 Locking Wing Divider with Compass 300mm

AK97109 Locking Wing Divider with Compass 300mmSh.3,811.00   Sh.3,049.00

AK97110 Spring Divider 150mm

AK97110 Spring Divider 150mmSh.1,800.00   Sh.1,440.00

AK97111 Spring Divider 200mm

AK97111 Spring Divider 200mmSh.2,202.00   Sh.1,762.00

AK97112 Spring Divider 300mm

AK97112 Spring Divider 300mmSh.3,007.00   Sh.2,406.00

AK9769 Spring Caliper 150mm External

AK9769 Spring Caliper 150mm ExternalSh.1,800.00   Sh.1,440.00

AK9771 Spring Caliper 200mm External

AK9771 Spring Caliper 200mm ExternalSh.2,796.00   Sh.2,237.00

AK9772 Spring Caliper 300mm External

AK9772 Spring Caliper 300mm ExternalSh.3,692.00   Sh.2,954.00

AK9780 Spring Caliper 150mm Internal

AK9780 Spring Caliper 150mm InternalSh.1,800.00   Sh.1,440.00

AK9781 Spring Caliper 200mm Internal

AK9781 Spring Caliper 200mm InternalSh.1,528.00   Sh.1,222.00

AK9782 Spring Caliper 300mm Internal

AK9782 Spring Caliper 300mm InternalSh.3,007.00   Sh.2,406.00

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